The PrestaShop module is an attachment to any online store created on the CMS PrestaShop platform.

Also called plug-ins, extensions, widgets, or plug-ins, they enable you to add other features to the online store that PrestaShop does not include by default. They are handy for customizing e-commerce, improving the customer shopping experience, and building your online store.

Many plug-in options get provided, and you can find them in the “PrestaShop Plug-in,” where paid modules created by programmers and free PrestaShop modules are.

After getting the add-ons, you can activate and delete them at any time.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between free and paid PrestaShop modules (most modules cost and the price is between $30 to $80). According to its function, the module can get divided into three types:

  • Plug-in for connecting the PrestaShop platform with other software systems
  • Expand to add additional e-commerce features
  • Plug-ins for customizing the appearance of online stores

According to its programming method, the installation process of each plug-in in PrestaShop will be different. Fortunately, most of them are very simple. If you do not have much experience, be careful not to download modules that require more complex technical configurations or longer installation times.

After downloading the module you are interested in, go to the PrestaShop dashboard and follow the instructions provided by the relevant provider to start the configuration.

Types of PrestaShop Plugins

Store Manager for PrestaShop

PrestaShop Store Manager is a local Windows desktop application designed to perform advanced management of PrestaShop stores. Its purpose is to speed up and customize the PrestaShop management process by automatically executing a large number of processes that are frequently repeated and providing ready-made functions. With one Store Manager license, you can handle multiple stores from one location.

Amazon PrestaShop Integration

Amazon Integration is a store manager for PrestaShop add-ons, which allows products to be exported to the market, synchronize data, and manage orders made on Amazon.

eBay PrestaShop Integration

eBay Integration is the store manager of the PrestaShop plug-in, which enables you to export products from the PrestaShop store to the eBay marketplace, perform synchronization, and import eBay orders into PrestaShop.

MultiScraper for PrestaShop

MultiScraper is software for directly importing a large number of products into your PrestaShop store from more than 20 large markets. We developed the application in this way, and it has taken weeks or even days to create large high-end stores with many categories and products.


Some modules can improve SEO, connect the store to Amazon, and synchronize ads and products in different countries/regions. For any function that you can imagine the PrestaShop store must have, you will find the module that suits you.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that each store and website will need a different module. However, these will work perfectly for any site or store, no matter what sales strategy, web design, and complementary software tools that you have used. That is why these plugins will be essential for your eCommerce website. They can help you to keep your business running smoothly.

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