Amazon Integration for Magento

Magento plugins make managing your e-store super easy, especially if you use the right ones. Magento is probably the single most popular choice of an open-source platform for your eCommerce. If you find yourself reading this, then you probably understand the basic workings of Magento. You either already have an e-store, or you intend on building one. Now, you want to know which plugins you can acquire to make your e-store management so much easier.

Throughout this article, we are going to talk about plugins that make things easier for you to do just that. You already have a lot of built-in features with Magento and Magento 2, so why not add on to the accessibility by utilizing one of these top plugins. However, every business is going to be unique, with very specific requirements. That is why you need to consider certain plugins over others to make sure you are meeting your needs and adding as much ease to use in the management of your e-store as possible.

We will talk about common Magento Amazon integration and Magento e-Bay integration plugins. Like, Magento Store Manager. These plugin extensions are easily integrated, targeting all sizes of websites, aiming at the possible markets and industries. There are so many extensions that are intended to make things so much easier, it can get overwhelming choosing the right one for you. So here are some of the Top Plugins for Managing your E-store:

Magento Store Manager

This extension can get your inventory under control. It will update products from the files of suppliers, generated items, and other variations. Also, you can sync from your accounting systems or sales channels. You will get to keep track of every single sale in the exact same place.

Magento eBay Integration 

eBay Integration is a part of Magento addons. This version attaches to the Store Manager and will let you synchronize data, export products, and even import orders. The eBay Integration from Magento will let you:

  1. Check detailed activity logs 
  2. Choose a regional eBay website and currency
  3. Schedule tasks and automatically run product export 
  4. Synchronize product-related data 
  5. Export configurable and simple goods to the market
  6. Map categories for your store on sales channels
  7. Adjust auction settings
  8. Specify export methods and options 
  9. Import orders on the market 

Magento Amazon Integration 

Amazon Integration is another addon for the Store Manager that will let you to connect the website to the Amazon marketplace.  Amazon Integration can let you: 

  1. Tasks scheduled to perform at specific times
  2. Synchronously exported data 
  3. Select the exact data related to the product to get executed 
  4. Export Magento products to Amazon sales channels
  5. Automatic identification of goods  or manual identification
  6. Manage orders made on Amazon

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