Mindz Catalog App

B2B product catalog app for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers

Replace your heavy bulky paper catalogs with the Mindz Catalog App. Impress your customers with high-quality product images and full product descriptions which easily can be downloaded in iPhone and Androids

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Persona similar to BIG BRANDS

  • Personalized mobile application for your brand
  • Level playing field with leading brands in your industry
  • Brand image differentiation from your competitors
  • App available on Google/Apple store under your brand name
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Catelogue app for any mobile tablet

Replacement to physical, pdf or ppt catalogs

  • Free from distribution hassles
  • Updates instantly - no more out-of-date catalogs
  • Organized, attractive and user friendly
  • Unlimited Products, Unlimited Categories

High-quality product view

  • Sharp, visually-appealing, eye-catchy products display
  • High-resolution images to highlight product features
  • Full product specifications and descriptions
  • Engaging videos for product demonstrations
Save time and money
Showcase your Products

User-friendly admin panel

  • Easy to use panel to add products and categories
  • No technical know-how required
  • Intuitive interface with step-by-step guidance

Search and filter

  • Instant search by product name and descriptions
  • Search by a letter or word
  • Filter by price range
  • Sort by price
Catelogue app for any mobile tablet
Catelogue app for any mobile tablet

Help sales executives to generate orders

  • No need to carry heavy bulky paper catalogs to display the products
  • Increase conversion because of attractive product display and professional appearance
  • Happy sales representatives = high retention
  • Less time spent in each customer visit
  • More deals finalized remotely

Real-time updates

  • Instant update of the product image and description
  • Immediate addition/deletion of new products and categories
  • No management needed to replace your old catalogs
  • Small corrections can be made anytime without the need to distribute with each update
Showcase your Products

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